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Why the Republican Party is the Party of Liberty and Individual Rights

The GOP was founded by anti-slavery abolitionists in 1854. The Republican Lincoln administration and Republican congress ended slavery over ferocious Democrat opposition with the 13th Amendment. Republicans delivered the 14th Amendment, giving citizenship to former slaves, full representation to African-Americans, … Continue reading

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How Government Gets Bigger

After 64+ years on the planet I think I’m beginning to see a pattern: Democrats get control of government. Democrats spend like drunken sailors for several years. They finance this spending with borrowing, often with the Federal Reserve System printing … Continue reading

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Rules for Radical Conservatives

I have just finished reading David Horowitz’s little book, Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model. Click here to download. Horowitz does an admirable job of explaining the sometimes perplexing behavior of the left. The gist of the book … Continue reading

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