LD 10 Passes Resolution against the Medicare expansion

At today’s meeting legislative district 10 of the GOP in Arizona passed a resolution opposing Gov. Brewer’s expansion of Medicare. Among the precinct committeemen in attendance, there was only one dissenting vote. The resolution reads in part,
“Therefore it is resolved the legislative district 10 Republican committee declare our opposition to the governor’s plan to expand Medicaid in support of Obama care.

“In conclusion:
“While we applaud Gov. Brewer’s decision to oppose the Obamacare exchanges, we oppose support for the Obamacare Medicare expansion. We must stop the state implementation of both. We urge Gov. Brewer, and all Republican legislators, to hold the line against enabling the socialist takeover of our healthcare system and insurance industry by rejecting the Medicare expansion. Do not sell out our Republican principles and our birthright of liberty for a bowl of lentils and the promise of three years funding that will benefit a few special interests at the cost of our state sovereignty and our core Republican values. We will adamantly oppose all those who compromiser core values for short-term political expediency. Gov. Brewer is correct that “elections have consequences “. She is wrong in believing that it means that Republicans must rollover and forsake our core values whenever Republicans lose a national race. This is our line in the sand. “

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